The first title solely devoted to consumers of specialty coffee in the UK. This award-winning and trusted guide leads the conversation on this exciting industry sector.

Caffeine Media
Art direction, Website development, Design, Photography, Social Media
The brief
To capture the zeitgeist sweeping through London and create a new narrative that coffee can be a gourmet product. To speak directly to customers and draw upon the artisanal nature of the new craft coffee movement.
The solution
We created the first magazine of its kind in this sector. Caffeine immediately established itself as the market-leading title. We outpitched the competition by being attractive, collectable, accessible and authoritative, and played a significant part in the growth, credibility and longevity of specialty coffee in the UK.
“Super-slick service from the whole team at Caffeine. Their intricate knowledge of the speciality coffee scene and willingness to really understand their partners makes for a great advertising experience.”
Gemma Screen, Marketing Manager, Extract Coffee Roasters