John Lewis Partnership

Working with Sunday we art directed two bi-annual technology supplements for this iconic British department store.

John Lewis Partnership and Sunday

Art Direction Design

John Lewis is a trusted household name with an excellent reputation as a reliable family store for all ages. However, it needed to position itself as an imaginative tech-savvy retailer with the knowledge to help its customers ready themselves for the digital future.


We worked in house with the team from Sunday on a series of concepts that were presented to the client. These were then mocked up as high quality hand drawn storyboards for sign off.

Once we received the sign off from the client we designed and built the sets and shot all the images over a three day period.  The team was overseen by us and comprised of the photographer, set builders, stylists, product handlers, assistants and technicians.

Brochure One

Our first issue was themed around the excitement and wonder of Stanley Kubrick’s groundbreaking 1968 film, 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Retro futurism

Art direction: Scott Bentley
Photography: Gary Smith
Retouching: Gary Smith

Brochure Two

For our second commission we made technology feel more welcoming and approachable by translating digital into analogue, featuring paper sculptures by Makerie Studio.

Geometric Neon

Art direction: Scott Bentley
Photography: Sam Hofman
Retouching: Stiletto
Sculptures: Makerie Studio

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