Mr Black Spirits

Impressed by a photoshoot we produced in Caffeine Magazine, the team at Mr Black hired us to create an advertising campaign based around a similar concept.

Mr Black Spirits

Art Direction
Moving image

The Australian cold-brew coffee liqueur maker, Mr Black, have made it their mission to make people care as much about coffee liqueur as they do about their morning brew. The shoot was created under intense time and financial pressures to coincide with the UK launch of Mr Black on Amazon and the Sainsbury's website.

Logistically complicated, we ran 2 sets side by side in a large London studio. We worked with a fantastic crew including a Photographer, a Director of Photography, two assistants, a mixologist, a hand model, make up, a runner and the client was also present on set.

The first set was designed to create still-life images for print adverts and use on social media.

The second set was there to create short videos for use across social media with a strong CTA.

What happened?

Shot on a single day, we ran two sets, one shooting still life, the other shooting moving image.

Shoot One

Still life images

Working with Gary Smith we ran a modular set built around 3 key colours and various cutouts for the models hand to appear through.

Shoot Two

Moving image

Working with DoP Glen Burrows we created a series of short videos. These were intended for use across many social media platforms including Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

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