Adventures in Coffee Podcast

Creating a visual identity for a new podcast from the makers of Caffeine Magazine and Filter Stories.

Adventures in Coffee Ltd

Brand Strategy
Art Direction
Website design
and development
Media Packs
Social Media assets

Adventures in coffee is a narrative podcast series for those curious about their daily cup of coffee, bought to you by the makers of Caffeine Magazine. Our task was to create a striking visual identity for a brand.

The concept came from the idea that once you know a little about coffee you realise there is a whole world of stories to explore. Every episode the presenters take you on a journey and explore another facet of coffee and it's rich and sometimes dark history. Listening to the podcast you are diving deep into a caffeinated rabbit hole. We leaned on ideas and designs from Alice in Wonderland from the art of Saul Bass and the Vertigo film posters.

We used the iconic Bialetti moka pot for it's beautiful and immediately recognisable form that is intrinsically tied to home coffee brewing. The brand also had to be strong enough that we could swap out or remove elements such as the moka pot and it still looked cohesive.

What happened?

We created a strong brand identity in a very crowded space which worked across apps, social media, website, video and print.

Podcast tile

To stand out from the millions of other titles on your podcast app we had to make the design clear at all sizes, striking to look at and intriguing.

Media Packs

We created the media packs, these were needed to fundraise for the series.

Mobile responsive website

The website was created as a resource for past episodes, transcripts and show notes. It also gave us the opportunity to talk about the presenters and sponsors as well as a contact form for feedback.
It also gave us the opportunity to bring motion into the brand. We developed this fully mobile responsive website on the Webflow platform.

Social Media

Designing a strong visual identity that could evolve and adapt depending on the environment and platform. We have created assets from reels and stories to carousels and audiograms.
We have been able to change the fundamental imagery and still keep the same look and feel.

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