Unique Luxury Brands

Rebranding a passion asset company based in France and the UK

Unique Luxury Brands

‍Art Direction
Website design and development

The client came to us needing their existing logo updated while keeping the essence of the original marque. The original logo, created years previously was not suited to viewing at small sizes or on digital devices. The challenge was to modernise the brand without alienating the current client base.

Unique Luxury brands is a passion asset company sourcing alternative assets for Ultra high-net-worth individuals and family offices. Passion assets, also referred to as collectibles are investments which are usually sought because they give the investor pleasure as well as being a store of value.


We rationalised and recut the existing Fleur de Lys marque to work across print and digital. It was redrawn to align it with the brands core values and mission with a more modern look and feel.

1.0 Discovery Phase

Our Brand Heart

Our mission is to service the passion asset market by sourcing unique products that are not listed for sale.

the personas

With the client we defined three key personas who would interact with Unique Luxury Brands.

Primarily the client serve the family office world who approach them to sell or buy assets on behalf of ultra high-net-worth individuals. They are very careful who they work with, however, they are sought after as they are discrete, trustworthy and experts in their field.

Items sourced for their clients are often not listed for sale and include fine art, watches, property, classic and sports cars

2.0 Implementation Phase


We created two versions of the final logo. The first was a flat version to be used in small sizes and a 3D version to be used where the effect can be seen and appreciated.

Typography and colours

The typography was refreshed to be modern, legible and sophisticated.

Printed assets

The final printed assets consisted of a business card, letterhead and invoice.

3.0 Website design and build


For the website the client wanted a single page site with an email link. We created a bespoke mobile responsive solution built and developed in Webflow.

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